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    FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

    What happens if it is cloudy on the day of the photoshoot?
    – We reschedule the shooting for another day. If the weather took the course for worse during the photo shoot, then we evaluate the situation. Usually, good weather is back in half an hour, if not, then we reschedule the photo shoot to another day

    Is there a prepayment?
    – We work with advance payment. 30% payment is made for booking date. The rest of the amount is paid after the photo session in cash or by PayPal.

    What if I’ve never been photographed? What if my husband doesn’t like to be photographed?
    – You shouldn’t worry because we are here to help during the photo shoot and suggest the most good-looking poses for you. As for men, almost all of them do not like to be photographed. We have faced this problem more than once and always found a way out of the situation so that everyone was happy in the end.

    When will the photos be ready? How can I get them?
    – It takes from 7 to 10 days to retouch photos. Then you get an Internet link to download the archive with photos

    What are you shooting on?
    – Sony a7r ii, Sony a7s iii, Mavic 3 Classic

    Is there a stylist service?
    – The cost of a hair and makeup stylist – check price here. His work takes about 2-3 hours before the photo session

    Can you do shape correction and / or deep retouching?
    – Yes, we do make a shape correction (optional). Photos are edited in Photoshop, and we hone the tone and colour of photos, do light retouching and skin correction

    Can I get the original photos (RAW)?
    – Files are sent to you in JPG format (edited and originals). The original RAW photos are my intellectual property. If you want to get them, you need to discuss this individually