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Here we have collected some of the reviews from our group on VK. You can check the review by writing to one of our clients on VKontakte (you can scroll to the latest reviews via the link).

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Elena and Victor

Anya, thank you very much for our photoshoot!!!The ambience was so relaxing)! You are a wonderful person! The photos are just wow!!!! Everything turned out even better than we expected!!


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the people who made our wedding and photos absolutely perfect. Everything has lived up our expectations. The organization was on top! You are professionals in your field. Thank you very much! Everyone just loved your photos, and they’re WOW!! I do not even know what should I choose to be framed because all the photos are just super! Thank you, we are very happy that you were our photographer! ❤


Dear Anna, sorry that i’m writing in english but you know that i can’t write in russian:) we would like to thank you for making our day so special and that now when we are looking at our pictures and video we can leave trough that day all over again every time. We are so happy that we choose you to make our memories unforgettable. Your ideas came up so fast and you did it on the best way you could. We would never change nothing about our wedding. That was our wedding dream for sure, and that is your and your team work, you are the best. Keep up the beautiful work you do. Kindly regards, Austris&Ingūna Tauriņi❤️


Anya, many thanks to your team for the unrealistic organization and atmosphere at our ceremony, which, by the way, was held on the mountain. This is unforgettable!!! These emotions are for life, photos with videos are absolutely awesome!!! I have never regretted that I chose you and all your cool team;)


Anna! Thank you for making our wedding perfect!!!! It was certainly worth it to fly 20 hours faraway from Khabarovsk. Photos, videos, the preparation process itself that took 1.5 months and meeting you in Dominicana – everything was on top! And your work is just unreal, and most importantly, the time that it took you to do them – really fast. Thanks!!! We are thrilled ✨


I would like to thank Anna and her team for their creativity, quality and talent! Everything was organized at the highest level. Our fairy tale has come true! We were looking for an agency that could offer something original and unique. The guys took into account our personality…everything turned out to be better than we dreamed! An unusual place, incredible natural locations, chic decor! The wedding ceremony itself was very beautiful and heartfelt. We are happy that we decided to choose this agency!

Renat Gimadiev

I would like to thank Anna for the photo session organized – the guys purposefully came to us early in the morning from Punta Cana to the hotel located at the Boca Chica region (they were the only ones who agreed), took us to a beautiful wild beach and shot such an unreal cool material! Special thanks to you for the bonus provided – photos made from a drone on the Caribbean coast. We surely do not regret the effort and money spent on such shots)


Anya! Pictures are supercool! We are thrilled! There aren’t many of them, but there aren’t any that we don’t like, and there is not a bunch of repetitive ones. It was very interesting to work with you even though I am a fastidious young lady) you are a very pleasant and positive person))) Thank you very much! We are very happy to have chosen you! I will recommend you to everyone!


Anya, all our family sends regards to you and thanks you again for these moments!! It was our spontaneous decision on vacation and this meeting you, but we enjoyed the process and emotions so much that not only did we get what we wanted but also a photo shoot and met you in a new place a day later!)) Friends, if you are still in two minds about it, just do it! Whether together or with children or with friends, in any case, the result will please you and will make you feel warm up to the next trip to the sea))! What could be better than bright moments to remember from your vacation!) And if necessary, Anna will suggest you all the best ideas!


Anya, thank you very much first of all for unreally cool photos (I did not even expect that they would be SOOO cool), for the very warm and pleasant atmosphere throughout the photoshoot, for your patience of a saint especially with people like us))) Never did we see dissatisfaction or even a hint of it, Anna will always tell you what to do and how you can do it better, she will repeat more than once for those who didn’t quite get it for the first time! As a result, you will get a whole bunch of beautiful photos!!! So, if you are still choosing a photographer for a photoshoot, choose Anna, get great photos and great company.


Anya! We are very grateful to you for a wonderful photoshoot, for this incredible ambience! Everything was so pleasant and easy for us with you!) Photos are unreally cool, you are a godsend photographer! We got exactly what we wanted! We turn to check our photos almost every day and experience the same emotions that overwhelmed us back then!? Thank you very much! Giving you a hug


Anya, we want to say a huge thank you!!! It was a pleasure working with you. My husband and I absolutely enjoyed the photoshoot) Even though it was raining and clouds were coming, the photos are still very bright. We are just in awe of them, and all our friends and family could not stop looking at them)) they are such lively, beautiful, fabulous photos. We are still going over them, and emotions are surfacing again))) We are very happy that we took a decision to share this day with you!!!)))


Anya, thank you very much for our great photos!!!!!!! Almost every evening my mother and me, having put the children to bed, are sitting and watching your photos)) and there were so many comments of admiration from friends…… I cannot count all them yet, thank you for such a thing to remember!!!


I want to thank Anya a lot. I was looking for a photographer for a family photoshoot, and I surely did not regret choosing her. I found myself very comfortable during the shoot, and I liked the photos very much.


Dear Anya, thank you very much for a great photoshoot!!My husband and I are completely satisfied. The photoshoot was very positive, and it was easy and comfortable for us)). Very beautiful photos!! Anya, you are a true professional! Good luck to you and we wish you to have more customers!! Thank you very much for the emotions and photos that we brought from the Dominican Republic))))


Advantages: the person who orders a photo session with Anya will be incredibly lucky. Being energetic, idealistic, deeply concerned about the result, she will find not only the right angle but also a common language with even the shyest “models”.

Disadvantages: for quite a long time, after we received the final versions of our photos made by Anya, we cannot decide what to print out to hang on the wall, and what to post in social networks… My mind is just going crazy because everything is so beautiful and perfect that we are at a dead-end! :))))) :)))))

Ekaterina and Dmitry

Dear Anya, we thank you VERY MUCH for the beautiful, lively and amazing photos. Thank you for not ignoring the smallest details of poses and performances. This is very important and necessary, and you can see this resulting in beautiful photos: no tension, pleasant communication and the atmosphere in general. I want it one more time.


Anya, thank you so much for the photoshoot! You are such a professional! I was very worried that my idea to get a photo session would be the biggest mistake, because I am not a model at all, and my man hates to be photographed)) but everything went smooth, we had a lot of fun and felt relaxed! Thanks to your instructions and tips, we got great photos! Thank you very much! These are the best photos I have))

Sebastian and Svetlana

Anya, thank you very much for the photoshoot!!! Everything was organized very quickly. The atmosphere was very comfortable. Photos are like postcards, each subsequent is better than the previous one)) Everyone is thrilled!! I am rushing to print and frame these photos ☺


Thank you very much, Anya!!! It was the best day! Photos are so great, we will remember this day for all our lives!!! Good luck and have a big success, we hope that the next photo session will be with three of us.


Anya, you are a super professional! My husband and I are thrilled to get these photos, all of them are amazing ☺ ☺ ☺ thank you for your patience) it was very easy and pleasant to work with you, these photos are a memory for a lifetime, our children and grandchildren will watch them ☺ ☺ ☺ I recommend Anya to everyone!!! A very talented photographer!
THANK you again!


Anya, thank you very much for the photo shoot of our ceremony ☺ the photos are awesome, the processing is also very professional, and it was very nice to work with you ☺ you are a very positive and kind person! ))) we wish you great success in your work ❤ Girls, the photographer is so cool, she explains everything and shows how to pose better ☺ definitely recommended ☺

Nikita and Marina

Anya, we are very happy that we were able to get to your photoshoot after all! Many thanks for the unique atmosphere that you created during the shooting!) We felt at ease and behaved very natural! It was great and fun to spend this time with you!) our close ones and we are delighted with the photos! We hope to meet you again in some other country!)

Julia and Andrey

Thank you very much for the high-quality and beautiful photos. It was very nice to work with you because you prompted us how we should stand, where can we sit and everything about posing. All the photos were appreciated by our family and friends. You are such a nice person! We wish you success in your work. ☺

Helen and Igor

Anya, thank you so much for our photoshoot ☺ ❤ ! It was easy and pleasant to work with you! Everyone is in awe of the photos, you managed to reflect all the colours of the fantastic nature and convey our feelings! I will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances! Thank you again so much for such an excellent memory of our wedding holiday ❤ ☺

Pasha and Polina

Anna, we want to say a huge THANK you for your professionalism, idealism and deep understanding of what kind of result we wanted to get. You certainly matched our expectations!! I really recommend Anna to everybody! Everyone to photographer №1 ! ❤❤❤