Package “Extra”

The wedding “Extra” package includes everything you need for the ceremony. We take care of all the details, so we will drive the happy bride with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup to the place of the ceremony, where the groom will be waiting for her under the arch, near the ocean, he will be glowing with happiness, and the wedding will begin with pleasant music playing on the background. During the ceremony, you will not only hear the insightful author’s speech of our master of ceremonies that is sure to touch your most tender feelings but also you will receive professional photos that will precisely capture your emotions taken by a professional wedding photographer



Video presentation

-full version of the wedding video link


The package price depends on the choice of the wedding venue:

Location name1Price2Offer price 20203
Macao beach$880 USD$820 USD
Amor beach$1050 USD$990 USD
Mountain Redonda$1300 USD$1240 USD
Juanillo beach$1350 USD$1290 USD
Saona island$1580 USD$1520 USD
Restaurant "Trocadero"$1700 USD$1640 USD
1 - click on the location name to see the photo album
2 - final price without unexpected surcharges
3 - booking for the next year (2021) be save the offer price

The package price includes:

When ordering a wedding, you have a special price on the video clip

Mini-clip $200 USD
(1 minute main clip + 5 photos from a drone)

Extended clip $ 350 USD
(3-4 minutes main video + 1 minute instagram version + 10 photos from a drone)

Shooting is carried out from 2 cameras simultaneously (main camera and drone camera).
There are two videographers working, that means there would be no reshooting and all frames are synchronized
Video clip editing, adding your or our melody / music

(!) Saona Island price up $100 USD


Wedding arches

A square, round and triangular arch is available for this package



• Wedding decor
- flowers and decorations for the arch, shells and vases on the table, ring holder and much more
• Wedding table
- table for ceremony and rituals
• Fresh flowers compositions
- one medium or two small compositions of fresh flowers
• Diverse palette of fabric
- choose one or more fabric colours to decorate the wedding arch to match your taste, discussed with the decorator in prior



Everything necessary for a wedding. All details are according to your wishes: flowers, melody, colours, etc.
• Bouquet, boutonniere and rose petals
- fresh flowers. colour and type are discussed with the florist
• Speech and exchange of vows
- unique author’s speech of the master of ceremonies
• Sand Ceremony
- uniting sand ceremony ritual
• Music for the ceremony
- wedding melody (speakers), music can be selected
• Wedding certificate
- symbolic signing of the wedding certificate
• A bottle of champagne and glasses
- celebration at the end of the ceremony



The price includes all the most crucial services
• Personal wedding coordinator
- planning the ceremony from the moment you addressed us up to the end of the event
• Decorator
- choosing decor in terms of flowers and type
• Beauty Salon
- stylist for the bride that will style her hair and put on some makeup
• Master of ceremonies
- english-speaking master of ceremonies (girl)
• Professional photoshoot with retouching
- 2 photographers: shooting from the ground and the air (quadrocopter). author's processing from the Anna Kumantsova photographer: 300 original photos without duplicates + 80 best photos in retouching
• Transfer
- official taxi from the hotel and back (including the beauty salon)



You can supplement your celebration with additional details and services
• Wedding cake - from $80 USD
• Live music - from $200 USD
• Official registration of marriage - from $850 USD
• Transfer by convertible - Ford Mustang $150 USD / Cadillac Eldorado $350 USD
Video clip - 1 min. from $250 USD / 3-4 min. from $450 USD
• Drone video shooting - from $50 USD
(!) The price of extra food, chairs and transfer services for guests is discussed individually

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